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2019 / 5 March

The Tightrope

screenshots of a web app for volvo v60 van

As someone who writes for a living, creating content for myself can be a bit daunting.

I consider it to be a sort of tightrope to walk, where I need to find a balance between my inherent emotional honesty and still maintaining a professional facade.


I’ve finished my specialization in Digital Marketing and Strategy by Edit. We wrapped up these 6 months with a project for Volvo and the relaunch of their V60 Van.

I’m proud of the concept and the web-app we’ve developed and of the name I came up for it: the Trust Drive.

Volvo is a truly altruistic brand. It’s fascinating how devoted they are to making roads safer for all drivers.

It’s challenging to find ways to connect with a demographic you feel very removed from though. But we still came through with an interesting idea.


screenshots of a web app for volvo v60 van


I am also proud of my continued collaboration with Adfront.io and their Blog. 

Currently, one of my favorite articles is this one, about Women in Tech. I love when I get to write about causes that are dear to my heart. It was incredibly inspiring to learn about all these global movements aimed at educating girls and empowering women worldwide. It really confuses me that so many countries still have a work culture that is willing to sacrifice talent and passion in order to perpetuate stereotypes and discrimination.

If you are interested in reading more of my articles for Adfront.io click here and enjoy!





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