Take a Dive

2012 / 11 December

Sailor Sam, the Skater

One of the awesome people I met during my stay on the other side of the pond is Sailor Sam.

Sam’s only 22, but he already has a lot going on. He created and manages his own brand of skateboards, Fancy Skateboards, he’s a great skateboarder — as seen in the video bellow — he studies and he’s a sailor. He was also a wrestling champion when he was a teenager and has won a bunch of trophies that you can find in the first pic. Pretty cool, right?

I took a couple of pictures of him doing his thing around Berkeley, Oakland and San Francisco. My camera ran out of batteries that same day, so I had to use the same shutter speed in all of them, which didn’t work very well at times.

Oh, and he’s wearing V!TOR in the last two shots, how great is that?

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/53310313]

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