Take a Dive

2012 / 22 October

(R)hood boys skip school

Presenting you an editorial that got stuck in that awkward “we will get back at you soon” stage and never actually got published, so I thought I’d share it with the world through my blog.

It was shot back in January in Lisbon, with my buddy from the fabulous Round Square Collective – Markus – in charge of the story/styling of the whole thing, and it also features two of his friends as models. It was my first street/sportswear editorial shot with only male models, and I’m pretty proud of it.


  • Oh Likaaaaas tira-me fotografiaaaaaas!
    (ainda respondi a uma oferta de emprego no Porto ;D eu e a Kitty estamos cheias de vontade de ir aí)*

  • Very very cool. This belongs in Nylon or another street savvy mag. The smoke picture is perfection, and I like some of the editing that you’ve done w/ mirror images and backgrounds

    You’ve got a real talent for capturing a vibe and feeling with your pictures, and taking them beyond just images. Sorry this didn’t get published where it was meant to, but I”m glad you showed it to us here.


    • Aw, thanks a bunch Gabrielle! Those are some sweet words to hear, it makes me very glad to hear such amazing feedback from people, even if it didn’t get published 🙂
      Expect more pictures soon!