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2012 / 14 April

Chola Spice

For those of you who don’t know, I’m not actually from Porto but from a wonderful place known as Oliveira de Azeméis. I didn’t even live in the city itself, I spent most of my childhood/teen years living in the outskirts of Oliveira. You can imagine how boring it got, especially considering the lack of transportation to go anywhere else.

Nowadays, I only go to OAZ to visit my parents and chill with my furry babies mostly. Until one day I decided to use the most visually boring place on Earth as the backdrop for an editorial called CHOLA SPICE.

The creative process went through multiple changes – you can read all about it in the small text after the images at ZOOT’s website – and it’s one of the photoshoots I’ve had the most fun with.

Visually it represents something that I would love to keep doing, I’m really into the down to earth vibe combined with this sort of extravagant yet streetwear-influenced styling.

It was incredibly fun, but then again most photoshoots are when you have an awesome team.

Shot in October, 2011


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