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Communication, Fashion

VITOR was already a brand before Luísa joined in September 2012. It was founded by Vitor Bastos some years before.

While working together, this project reached new heights. It was a breath of fresh air in the national fashion scene – although a short-lived one.

Luísa helped redefine VITOR’s universe and context. She provided a story to tell with each collection.

She brought a new direction and purpose and a way to connect with people through gender-bending streetwear and eye-catching prints. Their infamous prints were also developed by Luísa in collaboration with local artists.

The brand was also a big supporter of the local artistic and creative scene. They collaborated with a vast array of illustrators, videographers, musicians, plastic artists, DJs, photographers…

VITOR was featured in numerous Portuguese and foreign publications such as PARQ, Bast Magazine, DeepArt, WAD Magazine, 3CliC, Ten Mag, La Gazette Du “Mauvais” Goût, Janela Urbana, Umbigo, IT Fashion, Global Blue, Frizzifrizzi, Vogue Portugal, among others.





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