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Thug Unicorn

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Thug Unicorn was founded in 2012 by Luisa Cativo and three other DJs and agitators from Porto – Jackie, Supa and Tania. 

It’s a queer and femme-friendly answer to the homogenous, male dominated hiphop scene and parties in Porto.

That explains the name combining the roughness of the hiphop scene and the freedom, sparkles and uniqueness of a Unicorn.

Thug Unicorn provided a space where it was safe to experiment. Experiment with looks, gender expression, sexuality, to explore the different sounds and aesthetics that were growing along with internet culture at the time. It created a strong sense of community among its diverse audience.

Thug Unicorn soon became a huge hit in the Porto night scene. Expanded to sold out parties in Lisbon in 2014.

It reached iconic status among its audience and influenced numerous other parties and artists.

S-ara is a visual artist who has worked with the collective for years, creating the surreal visuals in the background.




Thug Unicorn


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Communication, DJing, Event Organizing, Community Building