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Considering how long I have been creating content for my own blogs, events and social media, why not give being a copywriter a go?

I have already collaborated with so many different platforms, so it shouldn’t be so hard for me to come with great content about all kinds of things.

Vice Magazine, Zoot Magazine, Posi+ive Magazine, Magnética Magazine and a number of online platforms that disappeared over time have published my work over the last 7 years. For example, one of my favorite works was my interview with Twin Shadow in 2011. It was lost when Portuguese Vice Magazine changed blogs unfortunately. I was only left with the pictures I took.

Since I’m also studying Digital Marketing, it’s even easier to know how to optimize my content now. So considering that, I’ve started creating content for Adfront.io, a Digital Marketing Agency from Dublin.

Here are some of the articles I wrote on topics mostly related to Digital Marketing and Business:

Facebook Ads? Yes, No, Maybe?

Display Advertising VS Search Advertising: Which one should I go for?

Startups? SMEs? Small Business? What is the Difference?

Christmas is coming, how can I stand out?

Note: The articles were not edited by me. I’m not very pleased with how they were edited to be honest. 

I will be updating this page every time something new gets published.

Hopefully next year I will have more offers to create content as a copywriter for other websites, about other equally interesting subjects.




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