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How long have I been creating content for my own blogs, events and social media, I wondered. Why not become a professional copywriter then?

I wrote for several different platforms so it’s certainly not difficult for me to come up with relevant content about any topic.

Vice Magazine, Zoot Magazine, Posi+ive Magazine, Magnética Magazine and a number of online platforms that disappeared over time have published my work over the last years.

My first interview was in 2011 with Twin Shadow for Vice and I loved doing it. It was lost when Portuguese Vice Magazine changed blogs unfortunately.

After studying Digital Marketing, I can also optimize my content for all platforms.

I’ve started collaborating with Adfront.io, a Digital Marketing Agency from Dublin.

Here are some of the articles I wrote on topics mostly related to Digital Marketing and Business:

Facebook Ads? Yes, No, Maybe?

Display Advertising VS Search Advertising: Which one should I go for?

How Women are Changing the Tech Industry

Note: The articles were not edited by me.





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