Take a Dive

2013 / 7 April

Day-dreaming in the Streets of Madrid

Remember when I mentioned a trip to Madrid to film the footage for an interactive video with 3Clic?

Now you can see the final result of what we did over there, right here – different color and everything, look at my mighty blogging skills!

One of the things that makes me weirdly proud is how well The Glockenwise‘s new single Time to Go fits this video, it complements the images so wonderfully and gives it this really youthful energy — like their music usually does.

I think that one thing that would make me the happiest in life would be to have enough national and international projection to provide a platform to expose and share new portuguese artists, bands and performers. We have so many incredibly talented people in this country who go unnoticed or don’t get the recognition they deserve and it’s so frustrating to see these young talents emigrating because they just can’t find work or a job that does their talent justice. Or any job at all, really.

One of the most pleasing things of working with fashion is the opportunity it gives us to merge different influences and forms of art, it allows us to work in all sorts of media which would eventually showcase the work of everyone we know that somehow inspires us.

Just one more thing before I wrap up this post: please check out our sale at Fab.com, it ends this Tuesday! Share it with your friends and family, help support local brands and producers and take home a magical unicorn, ponies or kitties! Win/win ♥

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